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Many students take on a placement while they study to gain essential commercial experience that enhances their degree and develops soft skills. For employers, students can be a valued additional asset to the workforce.

Choose your style of placement

Sandwich Year
Usually run for a year, generally starting around July.
These usually run from early June to mid-September, typically for eight to 12 weeks. They are great way to invite fresh perspective to a business in the short term.
Project work
This option is great if you're looking for a student with specific knowledge of a particular field. Placements tend to run for three to six months and start at various times during the year, depending on the area you are looking to recruit into.
These involve a student working in your organisation for one or two days a week over the course of a year. They are the solution if a full-time student placement is not possible. A student combines the placement with their course of study, so flexibility is key.

Recruiting a student placement

If you would like to create a student placement we help you manage the whole process. We'll oversee:

  • preparing job descriptions
  • advertising your placement vacancy to our students
  • sending you CVs from our students. If you want to interview we will contact them, arranging a start date for your successful placement student
  • completing all required paperwork

All placement providers complete a set of forms prior to the student starting the placement. This is standard practice across the industry and allows us to maintain a high quality and efficient service to employers and students. Our support package continues for the length of the student's placement with you.

Placement costs

The only cost to you as a business is the salary to the student which you pay directly to them. Year placements are advertised with an annual salary. Summer, part-time and project placements can be advertised on an weekly or hourly basis.

Please note that we are unable to advertise or manage any placements, internships and work experience that is unpaid.

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