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Knowledge transfer (KTP)

Let our knowledge work for you... Knowledge Transfer Partnerships transform business

At LSBU we know that businesses sometimes need an injection of knowledge to solve a specific business challenge, whether that's developing strategy or new products, applying a new technology or refining processes.

What is a KTP?

KTPs enable your business to harness the latest research, technical expertise and facilities at LSBU to develop, grow and embed these within your organisation.

Our KTP team work with you to define your specific business challenge and design a strategic solution. We jointly recruit a highly qualified KTP Associate, mentored and supervised by the Academic Supervisor, to lead the project and deliver a successful outcome.

But it doesn't stop there – KTPs build lasting relationships between your company and LSBU.

Key20 is one of many companies to have taken out a KTP with us. They wanted to capitalise on the strength of the online film market and reduce their reliance on external suppliers. In partnership with LSBU, a new production company, Tracc Films, was formed with capabilities to shoot, edit, write and produce films.

As a direct result of the KTP project… we will finish this year at least £60,000 better off. Companies should think very seriously about a KTP, because it's perfect. They can get hand holding, financial help from the government and most importantly knowledge.

Paul Richards, Managing Director, Key20 Media

What organisations are suitable for KTPs?

KTPs are designed to focus on your business opportunities, ideas and innovation so most organisations qualify.

How a KTP helps business

LSBU has delivered over 160 successful KTPs.  These have included diverse projects such as:

  • Research and testing into health and safety standards, strengthening Wire Belt's market position and competitive edge
  • Developing packaging and processes that reduced energy consumption and environmental impact, resulting in increased business, environmental accreditation and several sustainable awards for Alara Wholefoods
  • Fulcrum Consulting explored new technologies in thermal energy storage – a first for the UK.  The result was an income rise of £1.13m and employees growing from 53 to 160.
  • Media specialists, Jellyfish Pictures, required a new asset management system.  'The Reef' enabled Jellyfish to take on bigger projects and sell on as a software solution to new markets.
  • Faber Music launched 7 e-partner stores with a plan to roll out 40 more – Faber is now seen as a digital market leader for their ground breaking technology and innovative business model.

LSBU's role in a KTP

Our KTP team can help define your strategic challenge, and then finds the right academic expertise for your project from across the university. 

KTPs are part Government-funded (up to 67% of the costs) with your organisation investing the final third.  Our KTP team guides you through the whole process: advising on the grant application process and proposal writing.  The team also manages the administration of the project during the KTP lifecycle.

Our Academic Supervisor supports and mentors the KTP Associate to deliver the project for your company.

In order to compete internationally a business like ours needs to be efficient. This type of forward looking business strategy will drive the company forward in decades to come and help us focus on tomorrow. LSBU and the Knowledge Transfer Project have helped us to achieve both these goals.

Ray Tomsett, Technical Director, Wire Belt

Find out more about KTPs

If you have an idea for a KTP you'd like to discuss, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with one of our KTP Business Development Managers. Email or or call 020 7815 6922 / 6943.

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