LSBU Alumni Zaryoon Sheikh and Naseeba Mhearban are recent graduates of the Business School, both in the class of 2017.

We love that they have been so active in the LSBU community, and that’s why we want to share with you their incredible love story to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We asked them to respond to a few questions honestly and separately...

Describe the moment you both met for the first time? Did you feel love at that moment or was it a slow burner?

Z: I remember meeting Nas for the first time in class, she was loud (she still is) and really funny. I got to know her better when we were in a group project together. I found out we had a lot in common. She was intelligent and a great person to have a conversation with. We became really good friends at first, it was only later that we 'fell in love'. Corny I know.

N: In our tutor class, he was just an average guy. We only started really talking a year later during a project. It was great. I thought, finally, someone gets me. We used to end up talking for ages and ended up clicking over our similar experiences.

Do you remember the moment you knew you would get married?

Z: I do remember. It was when we went through some tough times. I knew I needed her no matter what, so we told each other 'let's get married'. She's my best friend, so it wasn't something I had to think about too much, I just knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

N: I was the sceptic in our relationship, as we all know in a relationship there is always one. I never wanted to get married, I just wanted a successful career. I constantly had warning signals go off in my head telling me that I was depending on Zaryoon too much and that I was losing my independence. I guess giving that up was too hard for me. Then, one day, I realised it wasn't. With Zaryoon I still had independence. He was, and always has been, so supportive of my goals and not only understands me as Naseeba, but also me as a woman, which is so important to me. I realised I didn't want to be with any other man.

Zaryoon is such a good guy. There was never going to be anyone else like him.

Nas and Zaryoon

Did you ever think you would find love at university?

Z: Never! I know I sound dramatic, but 'love' was the last thing I was looking for. I remember in my first year of university, I was so focused on my studies that being in a relationship was the last thing on my mind. But here we are. If I could go back and tell the Zaryoon in his first year of university that “you're going to get married to that weirdo in your class, I would have never believed it.

That 'weirdo' ended up being the best thing that's happened to me.

N: No, I came to university to build a career for myself, I was so committed to my studies. Even now I think how surprising it is that we met under such weird, but, desirable circumstances. If it wasn’t for my friend Vee, who encouraged me to be with Zaryoon, I would have missed out on finding love as she saw something in our friendship that I didn’t.

I always thought a higher force was involved in meeting Zaryoon as there were too many coincidences. For instance, during my A-levels I wore a badge that said LSBU on it, my teacher had given it out. I didn't know what it meant but wore it as it was my favourite colour, blue. LSBU wasn’t my first choice and I ended up choosing it through clearing and then I realised what the badge stood for.

How did your relationship influence your journey at LSBU?

Z: Our relationship was made at LSBU. This University was the reason we met, and all of the amazing friends we met along the way were a part of LSBU. We studied together in the library, relaxed with friends in the canteen, and made so many memories through this University. I will never forget LSBU because all of the things I accomplished here were because Nas and I both love this University.

N: I think I performed better because he was there to push me, and always made me feel like I was going to do something great.

Who was the one who took the relationship to the next level?

Z: I hate to sound boring, but it was a mutual decision. We knew we wanted to marry each other because there was no reason we could see not to. I knew it was the right decision from the beginning, so I said 'let's get married' and she said 'let’s do it'.

N: I remember once Zaryoon told me he liked me. I was taken aback. He then also told me that we were going to end up getting married. A commitment-phobe and a sceptic at heart, my brain was screaming to run away. But I stayed and a couple months later I came around to the idea.

I know it sounds boring but we both decided to get married after that. We didn't want to have a fling or a relationship that was heading nowhere. Coming from an Asian background, proposing is not really a common trait amongst Pakistani couples, so we omised to get married. I can't explain it but we were and are still so sure that we have made the right decision.

Any cute anecdotes about your relationship during your time at LSBU?

Z: London Bridge was our favourite place to walk to from LSBU. We would buy hot chocolates, and we would sit and talk for hours. That was our thing and still is.

N: Walking to London Bridge from McLaren house. Also doing our course work in the LRC and studying on the third floor on the round tables full of snacks, and stressing over accounting modules. Best times.