Julie Futcher

Julie Futcher

Julie is an architect with interests in sustainable urban design and the role of buildings in modifying the climates of neighbouring buildings and the outdoors. She completed a PhD at the College of Engineering and Architecture, University College Dublin (Ireland) on the contributions of buildings and of urban form to the urban climate.

Her research is multi-disciplinary in its approach, drawing on the expertise of architects, engineers, geographers and climatologists. She has applied her expertise to the study of the impacts of tall buildings in cities, and has developed novel approaches to link urban design with the experiences of pedestrians and urban dwellers. Julie is now an independent consultant on applied urban climatology and co-founder of Urban Generation an urban design studio concerned with the public realm. 

Julie has actively participated with various stakeholders on scientific teams concerned with various aspects of urban refurbishment and regeneration, including developing tools essential for the successful integration of low energy technologies at urban scale. These experiences, along with those gained as an architect, have given her a multi-disciplinary approach essential for sustainable urban development. 

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Email: webteam@lsbu.ac.uk

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