Chloe Hampton

Chloe Hampton

Chloe was the support officer for the Sustainable Communities Institute, part of the Research, Enterprise and Innovation department. The sustainability challenge presents us with overwhelming opportunity, which Chloe aimed to exploit to improve the environment we live in.

Chloe believes in design and business for the betterment of the people and the environment, and that business as usual can no longer be profitable and is no longer appropriate in our current environmental and social context. As an integral part of society, Chloe believes that design, architecture and business can lead the transition to a fair, just and efficient future.

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Making a PROMISE to help refugees

Something is happening, and the sooner we recognise that, unite and support each other, the sooner we can overcome whatever it is that is going on right now - 'cos this is madness!

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Why is business uniquely placed to drive sustainable development?

A reason sustainability is an issue is because we prioritise profit and neglect the impact of that decision.

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