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Career development for researchers


LSBU adheres to the Concordat and offers excellent career development

logo of the HR Research Excellence Award We offer our researchers a quality experience while with us at LSBU. The University adheres to the seven principles of the Concordat (external PDF). Excitingly, we have recently been awarded the HR Excellence in Research award.  

To support the career development of researchers:

  • we recognise the importance of recruiting, selecting and retaining researchers with the highest potential to achieve excellence
  • we recognise and value our researchers as key components to our research excellence
  • we equip and support researchers to be adaptable and flexible in the research environment
  • we believe in the importance of personal and career development and life-long learning
  • researchers share the responsibility for their own personal and career development, and life-long learning
  • equality and diversity must be promoted in all aspects of recruitment and career management of researchers
  • we are committed to undertaking regular reviews to monitor progress of attracting and sustaining research careers

In 2000, LSBU introduced the Research Concordat through its document 'Implementing the Research Concordat at London South Bank University'. The purpose of this document was to implement procedures for the recruitment, training and well-being of Contract Researchers, with four basic principles distilled into the following ideals for 2013 in a revised Concordat Implementation Plan:

  1. that Contract Researchers are central to the further development of research culture at LSBU
  2. that Contract Researchers should be engaged in their personal development, reviewed annually in an annual appraisal (Annex 1)
  3. that Contract Researchers be guided and mentored by an appropriate person during their time at LSBU and
  4. that appropriate training and development be made available to Contract Researchers

In 2013, a Concordat Working Group was set up to oversee the development of a gap analysis and action plan to ensure alignment with the Concordat. Through extensive consultation with researchers and other key stakeholders, and through direct emails, the action plan was used as a working document for a major review. The action plan sets out existing practices and identifies further actions that are required to embed them, as well as recognising opportunities for further improvements and was approved by the University Research Committee on 13 March 2014 and will be delivered by members of the Research Concordat Group who will meet three times a year to ensure its delivery.

Key documents:

For comments and suggestions, please email Chung Lam, Research Support Officer, at

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