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    Engineering / Computer Science and Informatics

Professor Ebad Banissi is a full research professor in the Department of Informatics at London South Bank University. He joined the University in 1994 with a PhD in Computer Graphics from Brunel University. His lecturing and research interests lie in the area of Computer Graphics and Visualisation and Analytics.

Ebad leads the Visualisation and Graphics Research Unit (VGRU) which currently has 9 doctoral research students and a number of Knowledge Transfer Partnership associates. He also coordinates the postgraduate degree dissertations within the Department of Informatics. He has been a college member of the EPSRC and is a member of the University's Research Degrees Sub-Committee, and co-chair of the Engineering, Science and Technology Sub-Committee.

Ebad is one of the original members of the Information Visualisation (IV) Forum in Europe and the Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualisation (CGIV) Forum in Asia, and he has chaired number of international conferences. He was the one of the founding members and chair of the Information Visualisation Society. He set up the annual workshop on "PhD workshop on Computer Graphics and Visualisation". He is a member of both IEEE Computer Science and ACM SIGGRAPGH.

Ebad has been the principal investigator on a number industry-based projects, working with companies such as GMJ Design Ltd and Telent Plc. He was awarded the University Enterprise Prize in 2009. He has also been awarded funding from HEFCE Capital Investment Framework and the Science Research Investment Fund.

Ebad has more than 50 publications and given a number of invited talks. He has been on the editorial board of the Information Visualisation Journal. He is a member of the EPSERC reviewing committee. He has been external examiner to a number of national and international institutions.

Ebad's teaching interests lie in the area of Computer Graphics and Visualisation, imaging and research methods. He has designed and led a number of taught modules and established subject themes within the Department. He has made a contribution within the following specific subject areas to the degree programmes within the Department: Research and Investigative Methods, Computer Animation, Computer Graphics, Computer Visualisation, and Forensic Digital Imaging and general computing, including both software and hardware.

Ebad's primary research interest currently is in the area of Information Visualisation and Visual Analytics, including:

  • Information Visualisation Theory & Practice
  • Glyphs: Shapes, Icons, Text and Imagery in Visualization
  • Analytics – Visual, Social media analytics, GeoVisual 
  • Knowledge Visualization and Visual Thinking
  • Visualisation in Business Intelligence and Open Data
  • Knowledge Domain Visualisation
  • Research Methodology

Another research focus is the Fundamentals of Computer Visualisation, Graphics, in particular Rendering Algorithms and their application:

  • Conic section
  • Conic Spline
  • Antialiasing
  • Image domain interchange – spatial, tonal and temporal -

Ebad also undertakes applied research in the areas of 3D space design and 3D stereoscopy and Imaging.

Current Doctoral Research Projects:

  • Visual clustering analysis of large dynamic graphs
  • Time-oriented VisualAnalytics
  • Holistic framework for IS/IT management & architecture using a visual analytic approach
  • Information visualization using shape and font: foundations, definitions, techniques,  guidelines and applications
  • A Framework for serious games in health - Task Technology Fit and Unified Theory of Acceptance (Usage of Technology) adaptation to SG in health
  • 3D Stereoscope compression techniques
  • 3D Stereoscope depth definition as function of image and temporal attributes
  • Visual analytics for cyberdefence & security awareness -  The integration and role of  visual analytics and modern business methods and behaviour factors in information assurance operation

Most recent publications

Banissi, E and Huang, W Guest editorial: Special issue on information visualisation. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 44. 70-71. DOI 10.1016/j.jvlc.2017.11.005

Adegoke, V and ‎Chen, Daqing‎ and Barikzai, S and Banissi, E Predictive Ensemble Modelling: An Experimental Comparison of Boosting Implementation Methods. In: 2017 European Modelling Symposium (EMS), 20 November 2017 - 21 November 2017, Manchester.

Adegoke, V and Chen, D and Banissi, E and Barikzai, S Prediction of Breast Cancer Survivability using Ensemble Algorithms. In: International Conference on Smart System and Technologies 2017 (SST 2017),, 18 October 2017 - 20 October 2017, Osijek, Croatia.

Brath, R and Banissi, E Microtext Line Charts. In: 21st International Conference Information Visualisation, 11 July 2017 - 14 July 2017, London.

Brath, R and Banissi, E Stem & Leaf Plots Extended to Various Ranges of Text. In: 14th International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, 22 May 2017 - 25 May 2017, Marrakesh, Morocco.

Brath, R and Banissi, E Multivariate label-based thematic maps. International Journal of Cartography, 3. 45-60. DOI 10.1080/23729333.2017.1301346

Ubakanma, G and Seuwou, P and Banissi, E User acceptance of information technology: A critical review of technology acceptance models and the decision to invest in Information Security. In: Global Security, Safety and Sustainability - The Security Challenges of the Connected World. Springer, pp. 230-251. ISBN 978-3-319-51064-4

Brath, R and Banissi, E Evaluation of Visualization by Critiques. In: BELIV '16 Sixth Workshop on Beyond Time and Errors on Novel Evaluation Methods for Visualization, 24 October 2016, Baltimore, MD, USA.

Brath, R and Banissi, E Mutlivariate Labeled Cartograms. In: North American Cartographic Information Society Annual Meeting, 19 October 2016 - 22 October 2016, Colorado Springs, USA.

Banissi, E and Benjamin, EL QL-282 - Emerging Medical Sensory Technology. technical_report. Qinetiq,

More publications at LSBU Research Open
  • Member IEEE Computer Science
  • Member of ACM
  • Founding Member & first chairman of the Information Visualisation Society
  • Founding Member of the Information Visualisation Forum

External Examinerships:

  • 2013 - External Examiner to PhD thesis - University of the Punjab - Pakistan
  • 2013 - External Examiner to PhD thesis - University of Technology Sydney - Australia
  • 2008-2013 - The Department of Computing and Information Systems, University of Bedfordshire
  • 2011-2012 - The Department of Computing and Information Systems, University of Bedfordshire for Post Graduate studies
  • 2010 - External Examiner to PhD thesis, Central Queensland University - Australia
  • 2008-2010 - Department of computing, Goldsmiths, University of London, MSc degree
  • 2009 - External Examiner to PhD thesis - University of the Punjab - Pakistan
  • 2006 - External Examiner to PhD thesis - University of Delhi - India
  • 2006 - External Examiner to PhD thesis - University of Kent - UK
  • 2003-2007 - The University of Greenwich for Information Systems and Multimedia Programme
  • 2005 - External Examiner to MPhil/PhD thesis - University of Surrey - UK
  • 2005 - External Examiner to PhD thesis - University of Delhi - India

External Referee/Moderator:

  • 2013 - External Assessor for Funded projects for King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia
  • 2013 - External Assessor for Cara - Council for Assisting Refugee Academic
  • 2012 - External Assessor for Department of Computer Science at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, USA
  • 2012 - External Assessor for Plymouth University
  • 2012 - External Assessor for Universiti Saint Malaysia (Penang, Malaysia)
  • 2011 - External Assessor for Department of Computer Science at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, USA
  • 2010 - External Assessor for funded projects for King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia
  • 2010- External Assessor for School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI, USA
  • 2004-2008 - Refereed Fellowship proposal for EPSRC
  • 2006 - External Assessor for King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia
  • 2004 - External Reviewer for IEEE Transaction on Visualisation & Computer Graphics
  • 2004 - External Reviewer Information Visualisation Journal


  • 2001-2010 - Editorial Board of Information Visualization Journal
  • 2002 - Editorial board of Journal of Digital Information Management


  • Doctoral Research Workshop
  • Research Project Evaluation
  • Research Degree Examiner
  • Research Methodology
  • Information Visualisation
  • Visual Analytics
  • 3D Graphics & Design
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