Piers Myers

Piers Myers

Visiting Research Fellow

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  • Telephone:
    020 7815 7890
  • School/Division:
    Business / Management, Marketing and People

Piers' work is centred on business psychology, leadership, HR strategy and organizational change. From 2001-14 he was Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management Strategy and Consulting at London South Bank University. Before joining the University he was a management consultant and coach, and he continues to undertake selected consultancy and coaching projects.

Piers has also worked as a psychotherapist, in IT, and in social work. He has degrees in mathematics from Oxford and Princeton Universities, and an MA in psychotherapy and counselling from City University. He is lead author of Organizational Change: Perspectives on Theory and Practice, published in March 2012 by Oxford University Press.

Publications: lsbu.academia.edu/PiersMyers


  • Leadership and Managing Change (Module Coordinator)


  • Integrative Management and Change in Public Service (Module Coordinator)
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