Philip Want

Philip Want, LSBU

Senior Lecturer: Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure

  • Email:
  • Telephone:
    020 7815 8148
  • School/Division:
    Law and Social Sciences / Urban, Environment and Leisure Studies

Philip Want's main interests are centred around Heritage and airline management. His recent research is based on 'Online virtual communities and their impact on the marketing of tourist destinations'. His previous research has included 'Gay Tourism' and 'The Nature of Tourist Participation by Ethnic Minorities.

Level 4 (Year 1)

Tourism Issues & Impacts

Level 5 (Year 2)

Destination Marketing

Level 6 (Final Year)

Heritage Tourism

International Airline Management

MSc Tourism & Hospitality Management:

Professional Leadership

On going research includes 'Global Tourism & Minorities'  and 'Social Networks and Tourism'

Tourism Concern

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