Dr Saranzaya Manalsuren

Saranzaya Manalsuren

Course Director - Events and Entertainment Management

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    020 7815 5711
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    Law and Social Sciences / Urban, Environment and Leisure Studies

Sara joined LSBU in September 2013 to teach events strategy and human resources management at undergraduate level. She is currently Course Director of Events and Entertainment Management. Prior to this Sara worked as a Senior Consultant and coach to conduct management training in South East and Central Asia, and lectured at colleges and university in the United Kingdom and Mongolia. She studied in Mongolia, Russia and England and has language skills in all named countries. Sara holds a BA (Hons) degree in International Relations (National University of Mongolia), MBA (University of Gloucestershire) and PhD in Management Studies (University of Essex).

Sara is a cross-cultural management researcher and consultant and a frequent speaker at both academic conferences and business events.

She has a diverse background in Academia and Management Consultancy with expertise in cross-cultural management, human resources and leadership management in the business and events industry. She has taught extensively in the areas of event management, HR and cross-cultural management. Her research focuses on management and cross-cultural issues in emerging economies and transitional periphery.

Sara’s teaching interests and experiences are in cross and inter-cultural management, research methods, human resources and leadership management in the international business and events industry.

Her main areas of teaching are: Cross Cultural Management, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Events Management, Events Strategy, Logistics, Leisure Operations, Leisure and Consumption, Qualitative Research Methods, BA and MA/MSc dissertation supervision.

Dr Saranzaya Manalsuren has a strong research interest in the field of management and her research focuses on cross-cultural management, HR and leadership practices and institutional changes in transitional periphery. She completed her PhD on the topic of ‘An ethnographic investigation into Mongolian management in the context of cultural and institutional changes’ in 2017. She is a regular contributor on management and institutional changes in emerging countries including Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Russia. She writes on the topics of managerial roles, symbols in an organisational context and the relationship between culture and institutions in the case of Mongolia and other transitional trajectories.

Her current research investigates management changes in post-socialist economies and varieties of capitalism in the context of Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Specifically she is looking at the relationship between culture and institutions in the process of theoretical synthesis. She has published academic papers and a chapter of her book from her current research agenda. Sara has presented her academic papers at the annual BAM (British Academy of Management) and Ethnography Symposiums conferences and other research seminars.

Most recent publications

Manalsuren, S and Michalski, M and Sliwa, M Mongolian management: local practitioners’ perspectives in the face of political, economic and socio-cultural changes. In: Comparative Capitalism and Transitional Periphery: Firm Centred Perspectives. Edward Elgar, London, pp. 58-94. ISBN 978 1 78643 088 5

Manalsuren, S An ethnographic investigation into Mongolian management in the context of cultural and institutional changes. doctoral, University of Essex.

Manalsuren, S and Senior, C and Fearon, C and McLaughlin, H How might your staff react to news of an institutional merger? - A psychological contract approach. International Journal of Educational Management, 31. 364-382. DOI 10.1108/IJEM-05-2016-0087

More publications at LSBU Research Open

Sara is a member of the British Academy of Management (BAM), Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE), and Chartered Management Institute (CMI). She presents papers at both national and international conferences as well as facilitating workshops at the UK-Mongolian Business Chamber of Commerce event and Invest Mongolia Summit in Hong Kong, London and Mongolia.

Sara is a Board Member of the Mongolian Business Trade Council in the UK, and actively engages with high-profile business meetings, events and investment summits. She is also a member of Tsahim Urtuu NGO- a non-profit and non-political organisation, which promotes Mongolian-related scholarly activities and research. She conducts training and workshops on cross-cultural issues, pre-departure training for expatriates, and management training for middle and upper level managers across the Middle East, South East Asia, Central Asia and Europe. Additionally, she works as an Independent Consultant for cultural awareness in business negotiations and managing human resources for companies which operate in Mongolia or are considering doing so in the future.

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