Dr Perry Xiao

Dr Perry Xiao

Associate Professor; Course Director, MRes in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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    020 7815 7569
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    Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr Perry Xiao is an Associate Professor and Course Director in the School of Engineering at LSBU. He is also a fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET) and a senior fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA).

His main research interest is to develop novel infrared and electronic sensing technologies for skin measurements and industrial Non-Destructive Testing. With funding from EPSRC (GR/M56722/01), Royal Society, and various industries, work has been done on skin hydration and hydration depth profiling, skin thickness, skin pigments, transdermal drug delivery, membrane permeation, nail and hair measurements, instrument performances and thermal diffusivity effects, by using photo-thermal radiometry technology. He also works on skin Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) measurements and capacitive imaging based on Fingerprint sensors. 

He co-founded Biox Systems Ltd, a university spin-out company, which designs and manufactures a patented, novel, condenser-chamber TEWL measurement technique - AquaFlux©, and capacitive image instrument - Epsilon. AquaFlux has been sold to over 60 organizations worldwide, including universities, hospitals and leading international cosmetic companies such as Unilever, P&G, and L'Oreal.

Apart from research, Dr Perry Xiao also teaches at both UG and PG levels, he has set up two new courses of which he is the course director: MSc in Embedded and Distributed Systems, and Master of Research in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

To date, Dr Perry Xiao is currently supervising six PhD students, successfully finished seven PhD students, obtained two UK patents, and published over 100 refereed papers in journals and conference proceedings.

  • Photo-thermal radiometry for non-destructive testing
  • Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) measurements
  • Capacitive imaging using Fingerprint sensors
  • Mathematical modelling and data analysis
  • Software programming and Advanced algorithms
  • Google Android and Apple iPhone projects

Most recent publications

Fanghour, S and Chen, D and Xiao, P Decoder-Encoder LSTM for Lip Reading. In: 2019 8th International Conference on Software and Information Engineering (ICSIE 2019), 9 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2019, Cairo, Eygpt.

Fenghour, S and Chen, D and Xiao, P Recurrent Neural Networks for Decoding Lip Read Speech. In: 2019 8th International Conference on Software and Information Engineering (ICSIE 2019), 9 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2019, Cairo.

Bontozoglou, C and Zhang, X and Xiao, P Micro-relief analysis with skin capacitive imaging. Skin Research and Technology, 25. 165-170. DOI 10.1111/srt.12628

Bontozoglou, C and Zhang, X and Patel, A and Lane, ME and Xiao, P In Vivo Human Hair Hydration Measurements by Using Opto-Thermal Radiometry. International Journal of Thermophysics, 40. DOI 10.1007/s10765-018-2477-x

Hashimi, OA and Xiao, P Building an online interactive 3D virtual world for aquaflux and epsilon. Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems, 3. 501-514. DOI 10.25046/aj030659

Fenghour, S and Chen, D and Xiao, P Contour Mapping for Speaker-Independent Lip Reading System. In: The 11th International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV 2018), 1 Nov 2018 - 3 November 2018, Munich, Germany.

Hashimi, OA and Xiao, P Epsilon Interactive Virtual User Manual (VUM). In: 2018 International Conference on Computing, Electronics and Communications Engineering, ICCECE 2018, 16th - 17th August 2018, Southend-on-Sea.

Xiao, P and Al Hashimi, O Developing a web based interactive 3D virtual environment for novel skin measurement instruments. In: 2018 Advances in Science and Engineering Technology International Conferences (ASET), 06 February 2018 - 07 February 2018, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Bianconi, F and Smeraldi, F and Abdollahyan, M and Xiao, P On the use of skin texture features for gender recognition: An experimental evaluation. In: 6th International Conference on Image Processing Theory Tools and Applications (IPTA), 2016, 12-15 Dec. 2016, Oulu, Finland.

Bianconi, F and Chirikhina, E and Smeraldi, F and Bontozoglou, C and Xiao, P Personal identification based on skin texture features from the forearm and multi-modal imaging. Skin Research and Technology, 23. 392-398. DOI 10.1111/srt.12348

More publications at LSBU Research Open
  • Charted Engineer (CEng) of the IET
  • Charted Physicist (CPhys) of the Institute of Physics (IoP)
  • Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET)
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)
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