Dr Luke Beardon

Luke Beardon, LSBU

Visiting Fellow, Centre for Educational Research


Dr Luke Beardon is a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Educational Research. He works at Sheffield Hallam University as a Senior Lecturer in autism, teaching students at all levels and supervising Doctor of Education programmes. He is the course leader for the Postgraduate Certificate in Asperger Syndrome, run in collaboration with the National Autistic Society.

In 2011 Luke was nominated for and subsequently awarded the Inspirational Teacher Award as voted for by students. In 2012 he was nominated for and subsequently awarded the Inspirational Research Supervisor Award, also voted by students. In 2014 Luke was a finalist in the NAS Lifetime Achievement Awards.

As a Visiting Fellow, Luke contributes to the Participatory Autism Research Centre (PARC) and the MA course in Education (Autism), as well as collaborating on research and presenting at conferences. He is an active member of the Disability Equality Research Network.

Most recent publications

Chown, N and Beardon, L and Martin, N and Ellis, S Examining intellectual prowess, not social difference: Removing barriers from the doctoral viva for autistic candidates. Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education, 6. 22-38.

Beardon, L and Martin, N and Woolsey, I What do students with Asperger syndrome or highfunctioning autism want at college and university? (in their own words). Good Autism Practice, 10. 35-43.

More publications at LSBU Research Open
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