Dr Barbara Czarnecka

Barbara Czarnecka

Associate Professor of Marketing

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    020 7815 8287
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    Business / Management, Marketing and People

Dr Barbara Czarnecka is an Associate Professor of Marketing at London South Bank University’s Business School. Dr Czarnecka’s interests focus on three main areas: 1) how to influence people to change their behaviour; 2) global consumer culture; and 3) the behaviour of international organisations and how they influence and interact with culture, governments and individuals. Dr Czarnecka’s current investigations seek to uncover the influence of global consumer culture on impulsive buying, the relations between cultural values and acceptance of global consumer culture, and the relations between consumer empowerment and consumer social identities.

Dr Czarnecka is the co-author of two textbooks: Marketing Communications (2014) published by Routledge, and International Marketing (2018) to be published by Sage. She also blogs about her research on www.barbaraczarnecka.com.

  • International marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Research methods
  • Corporate lobbying
  • Global consumer culture
  • Culture and cultural values
  • Behaviour and social change communication
  • Behavioural economics

Most recent publications

Czarnecka, B and Schivinski, B Do consumers acculturated to global consumer culture buy more impulsively? The moderating role of attitudes towards, and beliefs about advertising. Journal of Global Marketing,

Evans, A I and Adamo, G E and Czarnecka, B European Destination managers’ ambivalence towards the use of shocking advertising. In: EAA Advances in Advertising Research. Springer,

Hamer, K and McFarland, S and Czarnecka, B and Golińska, A and Manrique Cadena, L and Magdalena Łużniak-Piecha, M and Jułkowski, T What is an "ethnic group" in ordinary people’s eyes? Different ways of understanding it among American, British, Mexican, and Polish respondents. Cross-Cultural Research, DOI 10.1177/1069397118816939

Czarnecka, B and Baxter, K High Town Bag Research Report: A report examining the views of the residents in High Town about their local community. project_report. London South Bank University,

Czarnecka, B Brands: culture, leadership and differentiation: testing the effectiveness of highly performance-oriented appeal in four European countries.. In: Contemporary issues in branding.. Routledge,

Czarnecka, B and Schivinski, B The Effects of Acculturation to Global Consumer Culture on Impulsive Buying and Attitudes Towards Advertising in General. In: Advances in Advertising Research IX. Springer, pp. 343. ISBN 9783658226800

Mogaji, E and Czarnecka, B and Danbury, A Emotional appeals in UK business-to-business financial services advertisements. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 36. 208-227. DOI 10.1108/IJBM-09-2016-0127

Czarnecka, B and Brennan, R and Keles, S Cultural Meaning, Advertising, and National Culture: A Four-Country Study. Journal of Global Marketing, 31. 4-17. DOI 10.1080/08911762.2017.1376364

Czarnecka, B and Keles, S Global Consumer Culture Positioning: The Use of Global Consumer Culture Positioning Appeals Across Four European Countries. Journal of Euromarketing, 23. 59-67. DOI 10.9768/0023.03.059

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