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    Built Environment and Architecture / Architecture

Daniel is an AHRC-funded PhD candidate at The Bartlett School of Architecture, researching the stylistic dissonance of Michelangelo’s architectural work within the Renaissance. He has both practised and taught in Beijing and Hong Kong, and currently teaches Studio 4 at LSBU with Seamus Ward, where he completed his undergraduate studies.

His work has been published by OSA, Clog, LOBBY and The Architectural Journal. His architectural projects have included clients such as Audi and several provincial governments in China.

Daniel's approach to design is founded on the repositioning of architectural histories, and the role of representation within these.

Daniel's teaching experience includes the University of Hong Kong, where he was a Design Tutor and Research Assistant (2014-150. He is also a Bartlett Short Courses Tutor.

Taking both the objects and outcomes of historical research as points for the design process, Daniel’s PhD work aims to resituate the architecture of Michelangelo within a contemporary design context. This is being researched through his lost architectural treatise, last seen in the 17th century, while situating the transgressive relationship his work holds towards its own context of the Renaissance. The oppositional axioms establishing this relationship - through their disruption of stylistic standards - are considered as perpetually relevant due to relying on an established condition to act as the grounds for opposition.

In addition to his architectural work, Daniel has been involved with several large-scale ornamental bronze sculptures for numerous international clients. These works revolve around integrations of digital modelling software with traditional craft-based modes of production.

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