Alan Winter

Alan WInter

Associate Professor: Housing

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  • Telephone:
    020 7815 7170
  • School/Division:
    Law and Social Sciences / Urban, Environment and Leisure Studies

Alan Winter started working at LSBU in July 1992 after 13 years working in local authority housing departments in London, Hertfordshire, Kent and Berkshire. His jobs covered rent collection, renewal, housing management and maintenance, as well as homelessness. He was a County Councillor (for five years) and a housing association Board Member (for 18 years), being vice Chair of Toynbee HA in east London.

Alan has an MA in Industrial Relations from Brunel University and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

Alan's main areas of teaching are housing association governance, social welfare, social and housing policy, sustainability, and European housing. He also supervises dissertations.

Alan organises study visits to The Netherlands for undergraduate students.

Alan is currently studying to complete a Professional Doctorate in Education at LSBU, and is researching education for sustainability in UK higher education housing curricula.

His research interests also include e-learning, and how students relate to virtual learning environments (VLEs) such as Blackboard. Alan has worked with colleagues to complete a research study (September 2012) into how students on housing, tourism and hospitality courses use Blackboard's interactive features, such as discussion boards.

Alan is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

Alan's past activities have included being a County Councillor for five years, and a housing association board member for nearly 18 years. Although he has taken a break from housing association boards, he maintains links with the National Housing Federation and the Chartered Institute of Housing CIH.

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