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Widening participation

We promote and provide for everyone with the potential to study higher education

Some groups of people are under-represented in higher education. Young people who grow up in families in which there has been little or no history of studying at university may need information about graduate opportunities which they might not otherwise encounter. Young people who have been in care and those who have disabilities will need extra support. Other people may have family commitments which make it difficult for them to find the time or the money to study. We aim to help such people find ways around the barriers – real or perceived – that they face.

But widening participation is more than just reaching out to such communities, it relates to the whole 'life-cycle' of a student in higher education. This covers pre-entry, through admission, study support and successful completion at undergraduate level, to progress on to further study or employment.

Our commitment to widening participation is detailed in our Access Agreement for 2017/18 (PDF File 895 KB) and Access Agreement for 2018/19 (PDF File 743 KB).

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