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What donations fund

LSBU is committed to providing the best possible education and support to our students

Financial support from organisations and individuals through our Annual Fund and for specific projects enables us to do more than we could otherwise achieve. The University and our students are deeply grateful for that support.

The LSBU Annual Fund

The Annual Fund for Students provides invaluable additional support to students through programmes ranging from pre-entry classes to postgraduate scholarships.

For 120 years, LSBU has been committed to helping talented students achieve career success in their chosen professions. Today, children born to poor families are less likely than at any time since the 1950s to break free of their social background. LSBU's local boroughs have some of the highest levels of socio-economic disadvantage in the country and over a quarter of our students have been entitled to free school meals – the highest proportion of all UK universities. Yet we're in the top 10 London universities for graduate starting salaries (Sunday Times League Table 2015).

We achieve this by running award-winning programmes for ambitious young people with the talent for higher education in a supportive environment. Our educational programmes receive the highest possible rating for quality and all of our courses are accredited by or developed in association with leading accrediting bodies. Our aim is not simply to widen participation in education but to enable professional success.

We believe what we do at LSBU is special and important. We hope you agree and will help us by making a gift to support our Annual Fund for Students. Last year donors gave over £75,000 to the Annual Fund. Many contribute by making small regular gifts through monthly direct debits. Combined with the support of hundreds of other donors, a gift of £5 per month makes a real difference. To find out more about these programmes and the students they help download a copy of our booklet Creating Opportunity and Transforming Lives (PDF File 696 KB).

With the right help, talented and committed students can reach their educational and professional potential. We hope you will join us and our highly valued donors in providing that help by making a gift.

Major projects

The university also seeks gifts towards major projects. Currently these include a redevelopment of the National Bakery School and enhancements to the University's new Enterprise Centre and student enterprise programmes.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss your gift or find out more about projects you could be part of, contact our Senior Manager of Alumni Relations, Olivia Rainford, on 020 7815 6764 or email

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