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Ways to give

There are many ways you can make a gift to LSBU. Details are set out below.

Cheque, CAF Vouchers, credit and debit card

If you would like to pay by cheque, CAF Vouchers, credit or debit card simply complete and return our Donation Form (PDF File 122 KB) to:

LSBU Charitable Funds
Development and Alumni Relations Office
London South Bank University
103 Borough Road

Cheques should be made payable to 'London South Bank University Charitable Funds'.


You can make your gift online using LSBU's Online Donation service.

Via your employer

Donations can be made through Payroll Giving/Give as you Earn schemes and through Employer Matched Giving programmes.

Payroll Giving/Give as you Earn

If your employer has a payroll giving scheme it may be used to make donations to LSBU. (To participate in the scheme, your employer will have joined with a payroll giving agency to manage the scheme on their behalf.) To make a gift through this scheme complete a charity nomination form (provided by your employer) and send it to your employer's payroll department.

Alternatively, you can send the form directly to the agency managing the scheme. The payments are then deducted from your gross pay before any tax is taken off. This amount is then sent to the payroll giving agency which will then send it to LSBU. We'd also like to thank you for taking part in the scheme so let us know directly of your donation by completing and returning our Payroll Giving Notification Form Payroll Giving Notification form (PDF File 22 KB).

Employer Matched Giving

To encourage employees to give to charity some employers provide a matched giving scheme. These operate in different ways with some employers matching the value of the employee's charity donations and others where only charities selected by the employer benefit.

Gift Aid

Through the Government's Gift Aid scheme LSBU is able to reclaim the basic rate of tax that has already been paid by the donor on that donation. By signing the gift aid declaration on our Donation Form (PDF File 122 KB) you increase the value of your gift to LSBU by 25% at no cost to you.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can reclaim an additional 20% tax relief on the value of your gift. This is the difference between the basic rate of tax and the higher rate of tax that you have paid. This can be reclaimed through your own tax return.

For higher rate tax payers a cheque written for £800 is worth £1,000 to the University and actually costs the donor £600 once the tax is reclaimed. Donations are credited at the full value to the University.

Making a gift in your will

When making your will the interests of those closest to you come first. But once you have provided for them you might also wish to support the University through a legacy. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how you would like your gift to be used and recognised now and in the future. If you are considering making a legacy gift then read Leaving to LSBU in your Will (PDF File 200 KB). For more information, contact Olivia Rainford, Senior Manager, Alumni Relations on 020 7815 6764 or email

Donating shares

By giving shares to charity you may be able to claim full tax relief against the value of the shares. So, a gift of shares worth £10,000 could cost a higher rate taxpayer only £6,000 or £8,000 for a lower rate taxpayer. A gift of shares can also avoid liability on behalf of the donor for Capital Gains Tax. For more information, please contact Olivia Rainford, Senior Manager, Alumni Relations. Call 020 7815 6764 or email

Discover more from Donating your shares (PDF File 122 KB) or visit

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